Welcome to the Multidimensional Molecular Spectroscopy (MuMoS) group! Our research focuses on ultrafast processes in solution. The systems we are interested in range from simple monomeric dye-molecules to protein-bound natural light harvesting complexes.

An artistict impression of our article on J-aggregates in Nature Communications

Based on home-built laser technology, we use visible and near-infrared laser pulses to excite valence electrons and nuclear motions in molecules or molecular aggregates. The ultrashort duration of sub-ten femtoseconds (10-15 seconds) of our laser pulses allows us to investigate coupling between electronic states as well as vibrational dynamics in large molecules or aggregates. The interplay between these degrees of freedom, vibrational and electronic, is crucial for the initial steps of photosynthetic processes and their remarkably high efficiency. We use two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy (2D-ES) and related techniques to investigate these fascinating phenomena.


Recent Publications

Invited talk and poster in Les Houches

Jürgen Hauer and Erling Thyrhaug will attend the workshop for 'Quantum Dynamics and Spectroscopy of Functional Molecular Materials and Biological Photosystems.' in Les Houches, France. Jürgen will give an invited talk entilted "The functional roles of vibronic coupling in carotenoids" and Erling will present a poster on "Carotenoid-to-bacteriochlorophyll energy transfer through vibronic coupling in LH2 from Phaeosprillum molischianum".

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Publication accepted at Photosynthetic Research

A new article from our group and friends has been accepted at Photosynthetic Research. The works stems from a collaboration between groups at Charles University in Prague and Politecnico di Milano. The article is part of a special issue, dedicated to the 'Light Harvesting Satellite Meeting of the 17th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research'.

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Publication accepted at Optics Express

Our article entitled "Excitation-emission Fourier-transform spectroscopy based on a birefringent interferometer" was accepted for publication at Optics Express. The article stems from a long-standing collaboration with the group around Giulio Cerullo and Dario Polli at thePolitecnico di Milano. We show how an common path interferometer based on birefringent wedges can used to record fluorescence, absorption, and fluorescence-excitation spectra.

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Antonio Perri, Fabrizio Preda, Cosimo D'Andrea, Erling Thryhaug, Giulio Cerullo, Dario Polli & Jürgen Hauer (2017). Excitation-emission Fourier-transform spectroscopy based on a birefringent interferometer. Optics Express, 25 (12), 483-490. Retrieved from: https://www.osapublishing.org/[...]
Václav Perlík, Jürgen Hauer & František Šanda (2017). Finite pulse effects in single and double quantum spectroscopies. J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 34 (2), 430-439. Retrieved from: http://josab.osa.org/[...]